There's More to a Mortgage Than a Payment Amount...

              • Calculate a price based on loan amount, or...
              • Calculate a loan amount from price
              • Calculate income tax benefits due to mortgage deductions
              • Optionally include casualty insurance, property taxes, and PMI
              • Do what-ifs with very flexible extra payment options
              • Take results with you — printable payment schedule with dates
              • New: Optionally creates an inflation-adjusted cost schedule
              • New: Answers the question, "is a mortgage a good investment?"

              More Real Estate Calculators

              Ultimate Investment Calculator™

              What-if Investment Planning

              • Supports both investment and withdrawal cash flows
              • Solves for starting amount, cash flow amount or ending amount and more
              • Effect of income taxes on either investment growth or (IRA) withdrawal
              • Calculate impact of inflation and fees on your investments
              • Calculates before and after-tax rate of return

              More Investment Calculators


              Pre & Post-Retirement Planning

              • Solve for many unknowns...
                • At what age can I retire?
                • How much do I have to invest to retire at 55?
                • How long will my retirement income last?
                • How much income will I have in retirement?
              • Creates both pre and post retirement cash flows in a single printable report
              • Considers estimated wage increases and inflation

              Additional Retirement Planning Calculators

              Ultimate Financial Calculator™

              A Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculator

              • Calculations for either investment or debt cash flows
              • Solve for PV, FV, rate, term, APR, NPV, investment, withdrawal, loan or payment amounts
              • Change interest rates on any date
              • Multiple loans in single schedule i.e. construction loans
              • Many styles of printable schedules
              • A loan payoff calculator - enter payments on date received
              • And so much more you won't believe it...


              Create a Printable Payment Schedule

              • Solve for any unknown - loan amount, rate, term or payment amount
              • Select from 11 payment frequencies
              • Set compounding frequency independently of payment frequency
              • Two extra payment options - lump-sum extra payment or series
              • Amortization schedule with annual and running tallies - option to select fiscal year ending month

              Other Loan Calculators


              An excellent free research and teaching tool!

              • Compare investment returns for different assets
                • Stocks
                • Commodities
                • Bonds
                • House Prices (Case-Shiller Index)
              • Includes historical data for 14 indices from as early as 1915
              • Investment returns for initial amount or investment series
              • Adjust return by inflation (US CPI data)
              • Creates investment reports and chart
              • Optionally inclued either 10-year US Treasury Bill Rate or CPI.
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